Friday, February 1, 2013

What got you here won't get you there... by Marshall Goldsmith

I wouldn't have even dreamt of buying this book. Just the look of it felt very boring. But I received this one as a token of gratitude from one of my peers for helping her in her work. Many thanks to my friend for recognizing me. So, I had to read it. But, believe me, once I started reading it, I couldn't close it off. It was way too interesting! really! Every night I longed to read the book (that's the only time I get to pick a book).

Marshall is a career coach to both individuals and organizations. He deals with people who are almost on the top laps of their corporate ladder, but something holds them from reaching the tip. These people are exceptionally great at their jobs, but because of a small annoying habit, the senior management is in a dielemma whether to put them in the most responsible position of their organization. That's when the senior management approaches Marshal to rectify that small issue with the candidate. Marshall then conducts a 360 degree feedback about the candidate, figures out what's wrong with him/her, convinces the person as to which part of him/her needs to be changed, chalks out an action plan, and then follows it up. Marshal conducts regular rounds of feedback to see how the candidate is progressing.

The book is about hundreds of Marshall's experiences. You can easily relate yourself to the simple mistakes that he points out. For instance, not listening, playing favorites, working too much, and so on. These are habits that most of us have, but are still not aware of them. And if somebody confronts us, we do not admit it.

This book is definitely an eye-opener for employees at all levels. Inspired by the book, I have also written a thank you note to one of my ex-managers who supported me in all possible ways. After you read the book, I would be happy to know how it has helped you.

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  1. I can't judge the review, because i have not yet read this book. You can review this Short story . Written another one :)