Friday, July 25, 2014

Who Do You Love The Most?

 ‘Who do you love the most?’ asked Ria.

‘Huh? What do you mean? I love my parents, my hubby, my kids…’ Shree listed out, thinking aloud. After a while she came back to Ria’s question, and asked ‘Why do you ask that? Isn’t it the same for everyone? Who do you love the most, by the way?’

‘I love a special person. I’ll tell you who that is after a while. Coming to your answer, I sort of guessed your answer when I looked at you’, replied Ria.

Shree was surprised to hear that. Shree had joined a new company recently, and Ria was her colleague. They hardly knew each other’s personal lives.

Looking at the confused expression on Shree’s face, Ria began to explain: ‘Ok, let me tell you how I could figure out. You have been staying up till late in the night, perhaps to cater to your kids’ needs. The dark circles around your eyes suggest that.’

Shree sighed. ‘Ya, my kids go to bed only at midnight, and I am completely exhausted by that time.’

‘Yes, and that tells me that you put your kids’ needs, or in this case, their joys before your needs. Let me come to the next point. Your ID card displays a photo of yours that was clicked before your wedding, where you look chubby and cheerful. It is quite different from the face that I see now.  So, this might be because after your wedding you have totally dedicated yourself to your family and you rarely listen to your body’s needs. The scaly skin and the cracks in your feet also suggest the same – that you have put your household needs first. So, I have assumed that you love your family more than you love yourself.’

Shree is now looking at Ria as if she’s the Holmes of this generation. Ria smiled at Shree’s expression, and said, ‘It’s not so difficult to deduce these findings. Actually, I too was in a phase like yours. I always wanted to stay on top of my family’s needs. I wanted to become a super Mom. Slowly I realized that I set myself on a wild goose chase. I lost myself in the rat race. I then began listening to my heart. I provided my body with the most nutritious food, sound sleep, nourishment, and care. Surprisingly, my family needs have come down too. I have disciplined the kids to sleep on time. I encourage them to do their things themselves. And, you know what, kids love to manage their stuff themselves. Try and see for yourself. My hubby also gives me some me-time. And the best part is that I have begun re-uniting with my past friends. I also spend some time on my hobbies which I buried long back.’

‘Wow! That’s amazing!’

‘Thanks. My hubby is surprised to see the change in me. He tells me that I look and behave like a college girl now’, giggled Ria.


‘Yes, do whatever you love to do, and you look and feel much younger. Do you now realize who I love the most?’ winked Ria, leaving Shree with a fresh wave of energy and determination.

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