Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Punch on those Honkers

While riding to office today, I found this interesting message on a car:

A powerful message and a tight slap on all those who behave very desperate while on the road... 

Many times I tried to reason with them – why the hell do they honk? I racked up my brain and here are a few logical answers I could think of:

  • These honkers assume that everyone else is asleep.
  • They think that all the vehicles on the road will magically disappear if they honk.
  • They believe that they are going to be the next Bill Gates who loses a billion dollars by losing a minute.

Oh wait! I guess the most logical reason could be that their house is on fire. But, I have a question: how many times should a person honk to cease the fire?

If you too are tired of these annoying, unwelcome, uncultured, uncivilized, brainless people, join the movement: http://www.iwonthonk.com/


  1. That's a good one Akka, true that, they are annoying ! I really appreciate Americans in this regard. Whatever be the density of traffic, you will never have even a single honker here.

    1. Thank you, Sowmya. Ya, we Indians need to learn that from Americans.