Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Animal Farm - George Orwell

Rating – 5/5

One line for the book: Tragic, yet amusing; Sad, yet sarcastic; Fiction, yet true - Another book that should be part of the curriculum for college students.

About the book:  The animals in a farm gain independence from the human rule after a rebellion. But, the corruption and prejudices between the different kinds of animals lead to one kind dominating all the others, thus erasing the difference between the hardship they find in human supervision and the freedom they gain by the animal rule. History repeats itself when the animals are back to poverty and slavery even after gaining independence. 

The book is a political satire on how the people in power misuse their resources for their benefit. One can easily draw an analogy with India before and after the British rule. If there's one book that our corrupt bureaucrats should read, it is this one. 

What I love about the book: Each and every page, every word of it. It's not a single word less, nor a single word more.

What I did not like about the book: The tragedy.

What I learned from the book:
  • Unity is strength.
  • One corrupt person in power is like a drop of poison in a pitcher of water. He/she can drastically bring irreversible changes to the society.
  • People have a very poor memory, thus giving an opportunity to our leaders to manipulate the facts for their benefit.

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