Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jaanu Starts to Learn Numbers!!!

The only number that my daughter knows is thoo (two). And, recently she has started counting! Show her your fist, and she starts unfolding each finger, and counts aloud, ‘Thoo, thoo, thoo, thoo, thoo’. She concludes that you have only two fingers.
Her Dad, who always wanted her to win, asks her these questions:
‘What is one plus one?’
 ‘Thoo’, comes the answer.
‘Good. What is five minus three?’
‘Great! What is the square root of four?’
‘Wow! You are a child prodigy’, he exclaims dramatically. Lol!
It reminded me of a story that my Mom told me long back. A man claims that his goat can speak. Surprised to hear that, his friends gather in his house to check if that’s true.
The man gets his goat, and asks her, ‘Which is the fifth month in a year?’
‘Which is the month after April?’
‘Which is the month before June?’

The man turns to his friends, and says, ‘See, didn’t I tell you that she can speak?’

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