Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Day I Shop-lifted

That was the first time, and probably, it would be the last time too.

Okay, before you turn against me, let me tell you, there’s a reason why I did that. I recently bought a sipper for my baby. Turned out that it was not the exact one that she fancied. It costed me 325 bucks, so I couldn’t scrap it either. So, I had to exchange it. But, to my grief, I lost the bill. Earlier, when I tried to exchange a dress in another shop, without the bill, the shop keeper issued a duplicate bill to me. Using the duplicate bill, I exchanged the dress. I hoped that the same thing would happen in this case, too.

So, I went to the Customer Service Desk and told them the problem. They flatly said that nothing would be exchanged without a bill. Their argument was: how would they know that it was bought from the same shop? They had a point. But, hey, given the date and time of purchase, couldn’t they track it back? I felt they were just being lazy to go back and do the research. The easiest thing for them to do was to simply deny the exchange.

I turned to leave when an idea struck me. I went to the place where the baby stuff was arranged. I placed the one I had to exchange, and picked another one of my choice (or, rather, my baby’s choice). It was priced a lot less than what I bought earlier. So I picked a packet of cashew to sum up to the price of the original sipper that I wanted to return. Thankfully, I have a huge bag that can accommodate a medium-sized water melon. J

I slowly passed the bill counter as if I had bought nothing. Kudos to my acting skills! I was happy that, finally, I got the ones that I needed, without being caught. God knows what would have happened if I were caught. But, hey, I made sure that it was almost the same price as the sipper. So, this doesn’t actually come under stealing. What do you think?


  1. What if they had alarm gates, which start beeping as soon as you try to move out an unbilled item? You were really lucky!!!

    1. Ya, you are right. I did not think of that at that moment.