Monday, July 30, 2012

The Day I Laughed Like Crazy

This incident brings me a smile even today. It happened when I stepped into the corporate world soon after my graduation.
I returned from office with my friend and colleague, Krishna, and both of us were in his room waiting for another colleague, Naveen. Naveen and Krishna had rented the flat recently and I was happy to help them find that flat in the first place.
So, that evening, the three of us planned to have a cup of coffee. Naveen had said that he would join us later. I sent Krishna to fetch a packet of milk and coffee powder. He returned after some time with the ingredients, and the next five minutes were spent in making the wonder drink.
Just when we sat down to sip coffee, my mobile rang. It was Pinky.
‘Hi, Swathi, where are you?’
‘Hii!! I am in Krishna’s room’
‘Oh!..’ there was a pause, and then she said, ‘So, whatsup? What are you guys doing?’ she asked in a casual tone. But, I felt something was wrong. Something was fishy.
‘Oh..! We are having coffee. It would have been nice if you too were here’
‘Thanks, Swathi, you guys carry on. I will talk to you later.’
‘Hey! Don’t you want to talk to Krishna?’
Beep Beep Beep.
She had already cut the call.
‘Who was it? Naveen? Where is he now?’ enquired Krishna.
‘No, it was Pinky.’
Krishna choked, and screamed, ‘WHATTTTTTT???’
I was surprised at his expression. Why did he react so much? Pinky was Krishna’s psenti, and I knew her through Krishna. Though I never saw her, I had talked to her on the phone a couple of times before.
‘What happened?’ I asked Krishna. He had been trying to make desperate calls to Pinky, but she wouldn’t pick the call. He looked at me, and threw his hands in helplessness.
‘Arey yaar! You know what happened when I went to get milk? Pinky called me, and asked me what I was doing. I said I was busy, and cut the call. Now when she called you, you said both of us were having coffee. God knows how she found out!’ he exclaimed.
That was when I burst out laughing. Oh my God! How such a simple thing brought a big misunderstanding between the lovers!
Krishna looked furious. I controlled my laughter, finished my coffee, and made my way out, while Krishna was still busy trying to contact Pinky.
I always saw such things only in movies. I was so amazed to have experienced it myself. But, deep down inside me, I was worried if the pair would break up. You know, there are instances where people break up for such silly things, you can never predict. I shared this with my roomie, and she too rolled on the bed laughing. She said, ‘don’t worry, dear, psentis have their own way of solving such things’.
The next day when I met Krishna, I asked him if he could talk to Pinky. He nodded, and smiled. The smile told me that everything was alright.
The incident might have made the pair to fight, but that was the day I laughed like crazy.

Do you also have such an incident to share with? Do post ur comments.

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