Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 8th and 9th

July 8th

Sorry people, I haven't done anything new on 8th. However, Maddy has done a superb job by posting health tips to the group. Hope we all benefit by following them. I am happy that she is sending something new every day. We definitely have a lot to learn from the articles she sends.

July 9th - Met my ex-colleagues

I had been thinking of meeting my old friends and colleagues in Symphony. It had been three months since I saw them. So, yesterday I left early from office and headed towards my old office.

The receptionist recognized me, and felt that I did not need a visitor pass... lol!

I then made my way towards the ODC where all my friends were seated. Once I entered the room, nearly 7-8 people sheiked 'Hiiiiiiiiiiii' with a broad smile and a bright face. That was when the rest of the people sitting there craned their necks, and few more 'Hiiiiiiiiiiii's followed. There were a bunch of new comers who were wondering what had happened so suddenly. I could see them watching me with a puzzled expression.

Within one minute, I was surrounded by ten of my friends. I could actually see how happy they were to see me. My ex-Manager greeted me well, and enquired about my current job and my performance. Boss is always boss, you know!

We then moved to the cafeteria where we had an animated discussion for an hour. What did we discuss? About work, family, shopping, friends, food.... Now I wonder how we could talk so much in just one hour. When I checked my watch, I realized that it was time to leave. I bid them a temporary farewell, and left for home. The hangover is still there.... I can see myself smiling when I am writing this.

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