Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why Are Moms Unique?

It was 6 ‘o’ clock in the morning, very dark, and the entire city was asleep. It was difficult for Latha to wake up as it was cozy to lie inside the blanket. Besides, she wakes up at 7 every day. She had a lot of things to do that day, so she couldn’t afford to be lazy.

Finally, she brought herself to wash her face and have a cup of coffee. After cleaning the house, taking a shower, doing pooja, it was 7:30. By that time, her husband, and the guests who had arrived the previous day had woken up. There were four elderly people among the guests. She hurriedly made tea for all of them. They gribbed that they had been waiting for “a long time” for tea, though it was only for 5 minutes. She apologized for keeping them waiting and got back into the kitchen. They were murmuring something; she knew they were talking about her.

Latha headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. It was 9 ‘o’ clock when the breakfast was served. There was idli, sambar, chutney, and seamya. She was busily making arrangements, when she heard a cry from one of the guests. ‘Who the hell uses their left hand to serve food? Is this what your parents have taught you?’ he questioned her. Latha realized that while handing over a plate to him, she had used her left hand. Everybody started blaming Latha for being careless. They also blamed her parents for not bringing her up properly. A big discussion followed as if she had committed a crime. They failed to recognize her efforts in making the recipes all by herself. They failed to relish the taste of the food items. All the time they consumed food, they talked only about the “big crime” that she had done.

Latha was already very hungry for she had not eaten anything after she had woken up. After hearing the elders yell at her, she was reminded of her days before marriage when even a little effort from her side was very well appreciated. Her Mom gave her a thousand blessings when Latha offered to help her. Even if she made a mistake like this one, her parents corrected her patiently. There was no yelling or blaming when she was with her parents. She realized how hard her mother had worked.

Mothers are known for patience. You never realize how much they work, how strong they are to face such comments, how patient they are to teach their kids. You realize all this only after you get married.

Latha regretted the times when she complained about her Mom’s food. She prayed God to make her as strong as her Mom and had her breakfast in silence.

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