Thursday, July 5, 2012

Walking on Eggs

It was a pleasant morning with the orange gleam of the sun shining on the waves of the sea. What a lovely sight! I was jogging on the sea shore like many others. Few people were capturing the morning beauty (not me, the sun… Ahem! Ahem!) in their cameras. A camera can capture only the picture, but not how you felt when you were there.
After jogging for a few minutes, I found a flowery path nearby. I had never seen that before. I noticed that many more people were entering the garden. And so I approached it. It was picture perfect! There was a central path and a variety of flowers and bushes on either side. I entered the garden and jogged for a few more minutes capturing the smiles of the cute little flowers.

After a while I felt something crack under my foot. I looked down to find a broken egg. I had been too engrossed in enjoying the moment that I did not notice the people around me, or the path ahead. I was taken aback to find that the path had hundreds, or perhaps, thousands of eggs. They lay quite close to one another that it would be difficult to avoid stamping them. I found that many others ahead of me were struggling to walk on the path. I looked around for exit.

I caught hold of a passerby and asked her what on earth was all this. She explained ‘This is the path for the break-no-eggs game. Once you are here, there’s no getting out unless you complete the 1km path.’ I looked around for exit. Oh my God! No exit! I was trapped there. She continued, ‘if you break any egg, you would be punished by the authorities. The more eggs you break, the heavier is the punishment. There are hidden cameras in the bushes to track the number of eggs you have broken’. Walking on eggs

I took three more steps and broke another egg. I heard a click from the bushes. Oops! Counted! I waded my way through the path of eggs and ended up breaking a few more. What a stupid game! How on earth can somebody come out of it without damaging the eggs? Why did I get here, in the first place? Why should I be lured by the cute flowers and put myself in danger? I could not enjoy their presence. All I wanted was to get out of the place.

I opened my eyes. I was in my bedroom, lying on my bed. It was dark except for the bed light. My husband was in his slumber. Huh! I was dreaming. Thank God! I drank a glass of water and slept peacefully after realizing that I need not worry about breaking any eggs. A few dreams are much closer to reality.

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