Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 1st – Jaanu, Deeps n I in the Children’s Park Area

Yes, that was the first time I took her to a Children’s Park
Area. It being a Sunday and that too at 8 in the morning, half of Bangalore was
fast asleep. So, we took this chance to take our little one to a small park
area in the neighborhood.

Jaanu had already been there before (her Dad took her there
about a month ago). So, when we placed her on the road ahead of the park, she
was worried for a second that we would run away leaving her behind.
J Then, she caught the
sight of the park ahead, and instantly recognized it. Kids have a great memory.

And then there was no stopping her. She ran to the jhoola
close by and beckoned to us that she wanted to mount on it. I waited next to
her for a few seconds to watch her curiosity. I couldn’t help laughing. But by
that time, she was frantically tugging at my dress to help her. So, I lifted
her and put her on the jhoola and gave it a push. She carefully held the chains
with both her hands as if she knew that she might fall down. The expression on
her face, the happiness in her eyes, the curiosity – I cannot put them in
words. I was just standing there watching her. I felt I should bring her there
every day. On the way back, she was calling the street dogs to come and play
with her. She loves dogs, just like me.

So the first day of the marathon was spent with me and
Pradeep taking out our little one to her favorite place. A very memorable day,
indeed. If you get a chance to spend some time with kids, don't miss it.

Adding updates from Maddy and Sowmya:

Sowmya deleted her FB account that she had been planning to do since long.

Maddy says, 'I used to think that i shud buy a horror novel and start reading it... and yeah i did it for the first time :)
and yesterday...i bought gift papers/sketch pens and decorated my shelf and room wid some funky designs :)'

Good going, Maddy and Sowmya!

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