Monday, July 16, 2012

July 10th to 15th

Apologies for the delay.... This is what I have done these days...

July 15th - A Walk in the Cold Breeze

If you ever get a chance to breathe the cold breeze after a rain, don't miss it. I grabbed this chance yesterday. It had been raining till evening, and once the sky cleared a bit, leaving the raods moist, Pradeep and I set out for a walk. It was chilling! The one-hour flew away before we realized that it was time to be back.

July 14th - A Visit to the Kids' World

If you ask a toddler to make a picture of the world he/she knows, the picture would comprise mostly of cartoon characters. I realized this after paying a visit to the Forum Value Mall in Whitefield. As a part of their third anniversary, they arranged for a special show for kids. A person covered in the costumes of Doremon showed up on stage, while the kids went crazy about him. There was a long queue that reminded me of a cinema theatre releasing Chiru's movie on the first day.

Jaanu was thrilled to see the cartoon character come alive. She was too busy catching every glimpse of the scene that she almost forgot us. lol!

July 10th - 13th - Greeting Card

It was my favorite passtime to make greeting cards. Finally, I managed to take out some time for making one. Even though I usually require only 1 hour to finish it, I had to take out 20 min each day to complete this one. Will post the pic later.

Updates from Maddy:

Maddy did a great job by participating in a team event that required all of them to dress up according to a theme. The theme picked by them was 'Different Stages of Life'. Only Maddy can explain how 'Elements of Nature' has been modified to suit 'Different Stages of Life'. Over to you, Maddy!

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