Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrating Womanhood

Being a woman is the most difficult thing in the world. Agreed.
Your parents expect you to behave well with everyone, your in-laws expect you
to manage the entire household all by yourself, your kids expect you to be very
sweet and give them a lot of time, attention, and patience, and tell them
stories, and your hubby expects you to always look pleasant and presentable.
Phew! Lots of expectations!
But there’s one positive side of being a woman. A woman can
pursue her dreams. This is because the primary responsibility of financing for
a household lies with the man. Woman merely acts as an additional supplier of
money in a family. While the man’s income is used to incur household expenses,
a woman’s income is used for investments, tours, travels, and luxuries. This is
the scenario with most of the middle class families.

Hence, a woman has a choice to make in her career. She need
not run after the jobs that guarantee a fixed monthly income. If her dream is
on the creative side, be it arts, literature, or social service, she can live
the dreams.

A note to all my friends and sisters out there – chase your
dreams, and let your hubby worry about financing the household.

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