Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Festival of Colors

It was Holi – the festival of colors. Me and my gang of girls ensured that we had an early breakfast that day so as to escape from those spraying colors on us. After we returned, we entered the battlefield. Laughing, chatting, chasing, running, skidding continued for two hours. And then we ran out of colors. My roomie and I had a brilliant idea – that we would cycle to C’not and get some more colors. Ha! As if the tons of colors that we were soaked in were not enough!

We took out our bicycles from the shed, mounted on them, and headed towards the gate. As soon as we came out of the gate, skreacchhhh! Sudden brake… Both of us were taken aback at the sight in front of us. There were nearly fifty boys waiting outside the girls’ hostel, to catch the girls coming out. They were dressed in torn clothes soaked in mud, broken eggs, tomatoes, and of course, colors. For the first time that morning we felt that there were people who looked worse than us (pun intended).

A few guys saw us stopping dead near the gate, and headed towards us. But the watchman prevented them. I should really appreciate the watchman for being able to control such a large mass.
My roomie and I exchanged a look. We knew what to do. The guys were about 50m away from the gate, thanks to the watchman. We accelerated our bicycles so fast that before the guys knew it, we took a left turn and zoomed into the professors’ quarters. We giggled for such a nice escape. Little did we know that there was yet another group of guys in front of us. Oh my God! What to do now? One group behind us, and another in front of us…. We were trapped. And then, the professors’ quarters came to our rescue once again. We took a right turn and ran into the first house.

We reached the courtyard and noticed a middle-aged lady, clad in a cotton saree and colors sprinkled here and there, coming out to wish us. We wished her a happy Holi, and took her blessings. The professor came out, too, and wished us a happy Holi. Even though we had a nice time playing with colors, it felt good to receive their blessings. Then the lady went in and brought sweets. That felt like a complete Holi – fun with friends, blessings from elders, and sweets! What more do you need for a celebration?
We thanked the couple, bought colors in C’not, and after a few more escapes reached MB. Can you imagine that the 1km ride took us 1hour on bicycles? But that was the most memorable Holi in my life.

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