Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th

July 2nd – Calligraphy skills I love my hand writing, and I am good at calligraphy. I put my skills into practice while working for a project in college, where I had to present our work on charts. Many of my friends liked them, too.
After so many years, it was time to bring it back. There was an event in our Company recently, and I volunteered to write down the names of the participants on the certificates. You know the nest thing about doing something you like? It is the hangover!! Yes, you actually re-live the moments even after finishing the task. I spent only 15 minutes on writing the names, but I felt as if I have been doing it all day, feeling so good about it.
And the best part is, I also recieved a token for the same!!! It is a Tie pin that I pinned to my cubicle.
 July 3rd –Day off with my baby
Again, I am doing this for the first time, if you ignore the first few months after she was born, when I was on my maternity leave. Yes, I took a day off today only to spend time with her for hours and hours together. And, dear me, it is never boring.
July 4th – Finance Plan
I had been procrastinating this since long. Finally, I felt relieved to have put it out today. Life becomes simpler and clearer when you spell out things.
I sat down with my Hubby to check the inflow and outflow of money for the household. We considered all the sources of income (not that we have so many), and all the ways of spending and investing. That showed us how much we can save or invest. We then moved to our future plans, and though I am not sure if we will meet all our targets, I feel better now, to put down things at one place. You would at least know where you stand.

Adding updates from Sowmya:

On July 2nd, Sowmya spent time with a family we had known since we were in school. She always loves the company.

On July 3rd, Sowmya was alone at home for the whole day, roaming like a bhoot in a Ram Gopal Verma's movie, trying to frighten the neighborhood. Sowmya, any victims? :P

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