Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just Chill!!!

When I read this saying long back at my best friend’s home –
‘The best thing about old friends is that they are always comfortable’, I did
not actually realize how true it is. It was only recently that I got the
essence of the saying. Whoever said it was surely a great person.

I was at one of my best friend’s home along with two other college
friends. It had been a long time since we all met. After a warm welcome from
them, we headed into the house, and lied down there for hours
together. We chit-chatted, laughed, ate, lied down, and chit-chatted again. The
room was not silent even for a split-second. No wonder time passed by in a
wink. We then decided to attack a shopping mall!!

We took our own time to get ready and then set out lazily to
the Bangalore Central. We lost ourselves shopping for kurthas for our dear
friend. I was startled to notice the time, and so had to rush home. I bid
farewell to my buddies, and returned home.

Some of the best moments of life come without a notice, when
we are obsessed with our busy lives. These are moments that money can’t buy.

What does it take to experience such a delight? It requires
a strong bonding with your buddies, and a willingness to take out some time
from your mundane life. Next time you get a chance to spend time with your
besties, grab it! Or, better still, create one.

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