Thursday, July 5, 2012

Watching a Horror Movie

Smitha had always been afraid of horror movies since her childhood. She had goose bumps just by watching the trailer itself, let alone the actual movie.

But she had made up her mind to face it. Being a science student, she knew that devils never existed. Yet, watching a horror movie was so terrifying. She had to come out of it. Hence, she decided to watch a new horror movie that had just arrived in the city.

She was doing it for the first time. She did not even know who the actors were. She did not hear any reviews about the movie from any of her friends as nobody had watched it either. On the top of it, she went alone. This meant that there was no shoulder to tug at, when she was afraid.

It being a morning show, and that too, a weekday, there were hardly thirty people at the theatre. The huge door to the hall opened and everybody moved in, pushing one another. Smitha entered the hall slowly after almost everyone entered, searched for her seat in the darkness, and sat there. The movie would begin anytime now. She prayed in silence.

The movie started with a sheer dark background, casting an abandoned bungalow in a deserted area. The sky was storming and pouring heavily. Smitha had already imagined herself in the situation, and had a tickling feeling in her stomach. The sound effects added to her feeling. And then there was a sudden noise as if a huge building had collapsed. And, everyone in the theatre sat up. Smitha let out a small shriek. She had promised herself that she wouldn’t shriek or run away while watching the movie.

The movie went on for another couple of hours. It had moments of darkness, bloodshed, whimpering, and what not! Smitha was successful in not screaming, but her insides felt like her nerves would explode any moment. Whenever there was utter silence, she could even feel her heartbeat. And finally it was over. She liked the climax because the devil perished, and everything ended up in a favorable way. She let out a deep sigh and left the theatre feeling good about herself. She had finally made it! She proved to herself that she could face it.

If you think of it again, this incident is similar to our lives. Sometimes we choose to face our challenges, and most of the times we are forced to do so. We don’t get to watch a trailer of our lives, meaning we do not know what is to come. What lies ahead of us can be horrifying or threatening. Not always do we end up in a happy note. The difference between a movie and a real life is that in a real life, we are the actors.

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