Tuesday, January 28, 2014

12 Things To Do When There’s No Power

Although the prompt just says that there’s no power, to make it more interesting, I am assuming a situation where you are alone at home after dawn, and everything is dark except for the moonlight.
  1. Play Antyakshari or sing all your favourite songs aloud. This one is my favourite. I do this even when there’s electricity, just to irritate people around me.. hehe
  2.  Talk to yourself. Talk about your treasured moments, talk about your future, talk about the people you love the most. Talk about what you expect from yourself. If possible, write.
  3.  Phone a friend.
  4. Dial a wrong number and propose to him/her.
  5. Just go window shopping. Shop for four hours without spending a penny.
  6. Talk a stroll in the park nearby.
  7.  Imagine as if you are on the stage facing thousands of audiences, who are eagerly waiting for your performance. Now perform. It can be a dance, a song, a speech, poetry, magic, or anything that fancies you. 
  8. Play with your neighbouring kids, or chat with your neighbours.
  9.  Blindfold yourself, and cook your favourite recipe. Since it’s already dark, you don’t need to really blindfold yourself, I guess.
  10.  Make shadows with your fingers focussed by moonlight.
  11. Dress up like a devil. Wear white clothes, let your hair loose, hold a candle, etc, and scare your neighbours.
  12. Sing a pathetic song in a terrible voice, record it, and send it to your best buddies, without letting them know that it’s you.

What would you do when there’s no power? I hope nobody is going to try #11 and #12 on me! :D 

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