Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Getways From The Pressures Of Life

The good thing about the pressures of life, family, or work is that they never last long. They are always there, but stress and excitement come and go - like dawn and dusk. But if something is bugging you for longer than expected, you need to do something to flush it out of your life.
These are my getaways from the pressures:
1.    Beach: The best thing about a beach is it is never ending and never boring, at least to me. I can sit there for hours together every day, even without a company. Gazing at the countless waves, the crabs, the clouds, and the sun/moon, soothes my mind. The beach is the one thing that I miss in Bangalore.
2.    Shopping: Shopping lifts up my mood so much so that I forget to look at the watch. When my sis, Sowmya, left for US, we shopped for a month. Believe me, the very thought of “going to shop for one complete month” kept me awake the night before! I was that excited!
3.    Friend’s house: Talking to your best friend is like seeing a psychologist. Even if you don’t tell your friend what’s bugging you, talking to them about random stuff helps a lot.
4.    My blog: I actually started my blog to overcome my frustration (Of course, I also use it to hone my writing skills). Writing is my way to venting out my feelings. If I do not want to share my sorrows on my blog, I just write them down in a word doc. If sharing it with the concerned person helps improve the situation, I share it with him/her. Otherwise, I delete it. Either way, it helps me get those drains out of my system.
Remember, YOU are bigger than any of your problems. Most of the time, you might be simply magnifying your problems. Talking to yourself really helps in such cases.

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