Thursday, January 23, 2014

Writing Prompt 1

Friends, I am starting a blogathon now, which means I am gong to write an article a day. To help myself come up with interesting articles, I am picking up writing prompts from this website:

Wish me all success, buddies!!

This is my first entry for the blogathon:

It is seen in most homes, restaurants, and offices. Although it's just a table with a few chairs, although it's primary purpose is to accommodate food items and cutlery, it is the hub for socializing.  It's the facilitator for interesting conversations. It sets the mood for a perfect date. It lets your friends or family open up their feelings, or share their experiences of the day, thus making them feel lighter. Candle light dinners, moonlight dinners, birthday parties, family get-togethers - you can never imagine any of these without this one. It sets the stage for a sumptuous luncheon. Has it ever occurred to you that a dining table plays such a major part in your life?

P.S: The writing prompt for this article is to close your eyes briefly and think of an object in the room, and write about it without looking at it. Please let me know how I have written.


  1. I know am late in posting this comment but I need to appreciate this thing in you that I admire the most, "No matter what you always have time for things you love to do !!! " Wishing you, with loads of love, all success

    1. Wowww! M thrilled to get this compliment, Sowmya. You boost me up!!