Friday, January 31, 2014

A Letter to the 10-year-old-Swathi from the present Swathi

Dear Swathi,

I hope you are doing well. I am doing well in my current job. You will be surprised to know that I have become a Technical Writer, contrary to what you have planned. You have planned to make me a school teacher, am I right? Well, dreams change, baby. What really matters is I am quite satisfied with my job right now. I also maintain a blog to try my hand at creative writing. Isn’t that cool?

What else is going on in your life? Regular going to school, doing homework, playing with friends, and sleeping? How I wish I could be you! Anyways, since you love swimming, join a swimming course. Believe me, you are never going to get a chance again.

I also know that you have fear of public speaking. Don’t worry, you are going to overcome that one in college. But why wait till your college days? Do the things that you are afraid of. Confront them, and the fear will die away.

Another thing that I have noticed about you is that you do not seem to appreciate your physique. Appreciate the body that you live in. Believe me, you are going to become taller, stronger, and sharper, since you drink Horlicks every day! J Okay, jokes apart, love your body, nourish your body, and you will feel more comfortable to be yourself.

Finally, help the elders at home with the household chores. You have no idea what a tremendous effort it is to become a mother of two. So, appreciate the efforts put in by Mom and Dad. Help them every way that you can.

Love you lots,

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