Friday, January 24, 2014

The Good Samaritan

Today I am gonna write about a nice thing that happened to me yesterday.

I was riding at almost 50 kmph on the ITPL road amidst heavy, yet fast-moving, traffic, when the bike racing a few feet away from me came to sudden halt. I applied a sudden brake, but it was already out of my control. Thud! I hit the bike. I then wondered what had made the biker stop so suddenly, and to my surprise, there were two more bikes in front of this one. That means, this biker stopped for the same reason that I did... there were two more "thuds" before mine!! We almost made a chain of bikes.

I apologized to the biker who was immediately in front of me. He understood how I felt because he too had done the same mistake. I enquired that his name was Arun. When both of us were about to leave, I realized that my bike was not moving! OMG! What would have happened?

I checked, and found out that the wheel was misaligned slightly, and the metal dome above the wheel (donno what it is called) touched the wheel. I made an attempt to align them properly, but it was too hard for me. Seeing my efforts, Arun helped me. He had to apply a great amount of energy to bring things back into shape. I thanked him cordially, and we parted.

At that moment itself I felt that I should share my gratitude towards him with all of you, because, you would rarely expect the guy, whose bike you had hit, to help you.

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