Sunday, January 26, 2014

Picture Prompt


Today I have got a picture prompt. It asks me to pick up the 14th photo from an album and what I get surprises me.

The pic was taken by Pradeep in May 2010, when my Mom and my sis, Sowmya, visited our home in Bangalore. We were at the Visweswarayya museum.

I am left with tons of nostalgia after seeing this pic. How I wish I get the golden days back! Those were the days when there was only Pradeep and I in our sweet home... wow! And when Mom and Sowmya visited us, we roamed around the city as if we had wheels tied to our feet. Visweswarayya museum is a delight to all the engineers. We were so curious to learn about everything. I also miss my dear sister and Mom very badly.

Anyways, all this writing makes me give you an advice, dear friends, when there are no kids or elders at home, live and cherish every moment with your beloved. You never know how badly you would want those days back. 


  1. Look at me, even worse !!! It was fun visiting Bangalore then, truly.

    1. After roaming around on a hot sunny day, all three of us resemble over-burnt papads. I can make one for you if you have never seen one.. :P