Monday, February 10, 2014

20 Things That Annoy Me

  1. Litter - That always stands first. I once saw a kid dropping a chocolate wrapper (that he was holding in his hand) in a dustbin, and his parent telling him that it's okay to leave it on the road. Would the parent say the same thing if it were his home?
  2. Traffic - It's not just traffic that irritates me. What makes managing the traffic more difficult is people violating traffic rules. They don't understand how much they cause others by doing so.
  3. Loud voices - So, your sister bought a new car, or you friend had a bad day. Is it important for the entire world to know that? If not, please keep your voice low while speaking on the phone.
  4. People changing TV channels or disturbing me when I am watching something - I am not a big fan of the idiot box, but I do enjoy a few shows. I would appreciate if you let me watch them.
  5. Kids crying when you are fast asleep - One fine day (no, night) , when everyone is fast asleep, my Sweety suddenly wakes up crying. God knows what's wrong. She wouldn't drink milk (even if she's hungry) or go to sleep. And this happens often.
  6. Somebody not picking your call - I know I am not good at receiving calls on time, but when I call you, please pick my calls. :)
  7. Nagging - So, who's perfect? Why grab the chance of nagging me every time you find one?
  8. Kids disturbing you when you are in a hurry - 9:30 in the morning... I would be cooking very hurriedly to rush to office, when I find Janu sprinkling water in the kitchen or scattering her toys all around. Now, who would want that?
  9. Ads in a TV serial
  10. Men misbehaving with women - I think this should be the first one in the list. Why do some men feel that it's their birth right to misbehave with women?
  11. Strangers trying to find out your age - When I travel alone in the train, the co-passengers, usually uncles in their mid-forties interrogate me about my work, my previous work experience, and then how long I worked at each Company, all the time counting back to find my age. What would they do with this "useful info"?
  12. Cell phone going out of battery when you are talking - I have a very bad habit of charging my mobile only once a week, and I don't like it when my mobile goes out of battery when I am talking. Crazy me!
  13. Elders preserving almost everything - If you do a google search in an old man's home, you would find that at least half the things are useless. Examples are an empty vaseline bottle, a broken spoon, a torn mat, phew! You try to dump them in a dustbin, they make their way back into the home somehow.
  14. Misspelling my name - A few people write my name as Swati, while it is actually Swathi. I would like it if you clarify it first.
  15. System hanging up
  16. A novel without a happy ending
  17. People judging women by what they wear - I too did this when I was young, but after interacting with people, I can think in a broader way.
  18. Politics - Politicians are so fickle minded. I wonder what percentage of money that they earn would they use.
  19. Discussion on cricket - Watching cricket itself is so boring for me, discussing about cricket is more boring than that.
  20. Kids not eating - Duh! How many hours per day should I spend holding the little monster pleading her to eat, thus ending up with hand pain and back pain?
PS: What annoys you the most? If there's something outside this list, please drop a comment.

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