Monday, February 10, 2014

Planning For A Perfect Vacation

A perfect vacation is where there’s endless fun, laughter, adventure, and thrill. You do a lotttt of physical activities viz. trekking, swimming, running, playing, shopping, and so on, and still feel very refreshed.

Factors that make a perfect vacation:

  • People: No matter where you go, what matters is who accompanies you. Going out with your hubby, your friends, family, and colleagues – each one gives you a different experience, especially if you are taking kids below five years; I swear you would never make another trip in your lifetime.
  • Place: Choose a serene place that brings you out of the chaos of your city life. My favourite is always the beach. Stretching on a beach with a book is my dream – I would never feel bored even if I do that every day.
  • Time: Who would want to jump out their cosy beds when it’s freezing outside? Or who would want to sweat in the scorching sun instead of lazying around in an AC room? I do - crazy me. But, if you are not crazy like me, you might want to choose a better time to go for the much awaited vacation.
  • Activities: Plan for a few indoor and outdoor activities depending on the number of people in your trip. Just in case you end up sitting in your room for eternity (pun intended).
So, when are you packing your bags?

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