Friday, February 7, 2014

Through The Eyes Of A Blind Woman

Writing Prompt: You are in a room full of people, and you are the only blind person there. Describe the room and the people in your mind.


Naveen and I have come to see my friend's wedding. I hear the sound of the door being opened, and then a lot of noise. Looks like we are going to enter a room that's full of people. Naveen is holding my hand, and is leading me into the room. Since the noise levels are so high, I think it's not just a room, but a hall. There's a whip of fragrance as soon as I step into the room. So, I believe there are flowers around. The ground under my feet feels soft for my slippers, so there must be a carpet laid out in the hall.

Let me now pay attention to what everybody is talking. "Hahahaaa! Stop it", I hear a shrill female voice at my elbow. Probably, somebody very close to her is cracking jokes on her, and she's definitely enjoying them. I feel women love it when people play jokes on them, as far as they are in limits. "Thud!" I feel a kid of about 3 feet tall running into me. That's followed by another "Thud" by a taller one. This one must be chasing the former. We must learn how to entertain ourselves from kids, isn't it?

I hear two (perhaps more) elderly men talking about rituals and customs, a group of young men talking about cricket, a few girls laughing, chatting, and complimenting one another's jewellery, the cries of a toddler for reasons only God knows. "Namaste Uncle, how are you?", my "analysis" is broken by Naveen's voice. Apprently, he is greeting somebody. "I am fine, dear. How are you all? Hi, beta", calls out an elderly person, patting my shoulder. His voice sounds familiar. Let me recollect. "That's our Jagadeesh uncle from Bhuvaneshwar", whispers Naveen, sensing my curiosity. "Ohh! Namaste Uncle, I am fine", I say, joining my hands. Not sure if I am facing him.

Naveen takes me further, and introduces me to somebody he calls Aunty. That's followed by a few more greetings from a group of elderly women. They make me sit on a chair, give me a glass of buttermilk, and ask general questions about what's going on in my life. I answer casually, but the conversation is broken by loud music of shehnai and tabla. I startle, but then I enjoy the music. No rock music can substitute our traditional instrumental music played during weddings and other functions. It has a soothing effect, doesn't it?

Naveen tells me that the bride groom and the bride are seated on the dias with the Priest chanting the mantras. He then narrates the process going on there, how sweet of him! After everything is done, we visit the new couple, and wish them good luck. My friend is delighted to see us. We then finish our dinner, and leave the hall. Another moment to treasure.


  1. Its so difficult to narrate a post as a blind woman when u can see the world in real...But u have done a great job..simply impressive!

    1. Thank you, Maddy. I so look forward to your comments. You make my day.