Wednesday, February 5, 2014

If I Had The Power To Change Something, I Would Change...

This prompt is so interesting that my fingers do not pause to think as I type...

If I had the power to change something, I would change the following things:
  • Corrupted people: It’s because of them that we see the vast difference between the rich and the poor. They are the reason for literally everything – ranging from disasters such as fire accidents to everyday annoyances like the dirty roads.- Perhaps, the first thing that would change drastically when there’s no corruption is a strong Judiciary system. All those criminals let loose into this world would be put behind the bars, thus preventing further crimes very effectively. - For instance, why are the US roads very clean? Because the residents there are more disciplined? Yes, but that discipline was built into their systems through strict and honest cops who would put anybody behind the bars if they break the rules. Indians can get away from anything by bribing the cops, so discipline is an alien word to us.-  Another example - how long does it take us to get our passport after we apply? Mine took six months when I almost forgot that I had applied for one.
    Why do you think there’s water scarcity in India like never before? Because those who should not approve house construction without rain water harvesting are silenced by money.
    - W
    ithout corruption, we can see a crime-free world, a good standard of living for all, good surroundings, safe driving… you name it.
  • Food and shelter for all: Of course, if the above option becomes true, it’s easy to accomplish this one, isn’t it?
  • The weather conditions: After the advent of humans, mother Earth has undergone a lot of transition. She bears the consequences of all the destruction we do to her. So she takes revenge by putting us into extreme weather conditions in most places of the world. Imagine how it would be if every place on earth has the most suitable living conditions.
  • Uniform distribution of population: Urban life in India and in most parts of the world is so crowded that sometimes I feel that I should go to Himalayas, build a tent, and settle there. If there are equal opportunities for business, jobs, and education in all parts of the world, why would all of us cramp up in big cities, tell me?
  •  Population explosion: I guess the world is less chaotic when there’s much less population.
  • The mind-set of the dominant male: Yes, even today a majority of people believe that men are superior to women. I have no clue how such a mentality has cropped up. Perhaps, it is for the same reason that there are so many crimes on women in India. Men dictate how women should behave, how they should dress up, what they should do, and what they should not do. And if women do not oblige, they are abused, beaten up, raped…  I am surprised that there are women who feel that men have an authority on them. I am a hard core feminist, and I appreciate those who are with me.

Addendum: About the last point mentioned here, my Aunt tells me that what needs to change is the women's attitude on other women, rather than the men's mindset. How many of us have seen women victimize a widow, disowning her rights to basic things that we take for granted?

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