Monday, February 17, 2014

Confessions of a Frustrated Student

Writing Prompt: Write a story with these words: College student, crumpled paper, train, laptop

Payal is a college student returning home from her hostel in Rajasthan. It’s Diwali, and she’s all excited about celebrating the occasion with her family. She boards the train in Delhi, and places her luggage in the allotted place. She notices a crumpled paper in the corner. Little does she know that the paper is going to lead to a chain of surprising events.

The train starts, and after a couple of hours, she buys a handful of peanuts for herself. Since she doesn’t like to throw litter all around, she picks up the crumpled paper to serve the purpose. She unfolds the paper. It looks like a page torn from a diary. It goes this way:

Although I have told Dad a million times that I am not interested in becoming an Engineer, he forces me into this rat race. And he wants me to get into a reputed institute like IIT or BITS. Does he realize that there are lakhs of people who take these tests every year, and there are only a few hundreds of seats? How probable is it for me to secure a seat? And he also knows that I do not have a high IQ like those rankers.

Does he realize that for the past four years all he talks to me is only about my education? What happened to the times when he took me out to a movie or an exhibition? Does he even remember the last time he appreciated my efforts?

He has always set very high expectations on me.  I have already told him that my heart is in playing the Guitar. How reasonable is it to think that everyone has to slog for money? I feel very miserable and downtrodden when he complains about my performance. I am tired of fighting with him. So I am leaving the house to lead my own life. I have saved a few bucks from my pocket money.

I, being a professional guitarist, am going to show him that one can always become successful by following one’s heart.

Payal is shocked to read the confession. What is she going to do now? Looks like the guy is still a teenager. He might not be aware of the harsh realities of life. Living on his own might turn out to be a nightmare.
She then opens her laptop and shares the contents of this paper in all the social networking sites, leaving this message at the end:

Dear Frustrated,

I know that your Dad has made your life miserable. But, trust me, life outside your family at this tender age can be more miserable. Please return home, your Dad must be heart-broken by now. He might have realized his mistake too. So, you never know, he might let you chase your dreams too. 

After getting down at her destination, Payal heads to the Police Station to report the incident, hoping that the guy’s parents might have already lodged a missing complaint.

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