Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Innocence of a Kid

I know I have been very cruel while writing about my kids – how they pester me, irritate me, deprive me of a sound sleep, and so on. If I am scaring you away from kids, then this one is for you.

Although tiresome and demanding, kids are also very refreshing and rewarding. Yes, there are times when you are stressed, and something that they do makes you fall into a fit of laughter. For instance, today I have been feeding Sweety milk. It’s a long process – she doesn’t drink from a bottle, so I have to use a spoon-like thing. Janu jumps in to help me manage better. So she offers the little one a bangle to play with. You know what Sweety says after she receives the bangle? “Thaa Dhoooo”, which means “Thank you”. I guess that’s the first word she’s ever spoken.  

When my hubby asks Janu to join her hands and pose for a photo, you know what she does? She joins her hands and says, “Namaskaram, ETV News ki swagatam” (Namaskar, Welcome to ETV News). That’s hilarious. We encounter such events at least once a day.

The innocence of a child makes you smile even in the most critical moments. Parents are always their super heroes. Kids believe in whatever we say or do. If I say that a magic spell can heal the bruise on her knee, she believes it. She even comes to me asking me to cast a spell when she hurts her knee. 

My day ends with a few minutes of playing hide and seek (or whatever they fancy) with my two little angels, and nothing ever gives me more joy.

What are your experiences with kids?

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