Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Love Thyself

Kavya is a young intelligent girl who lives in a city that’s far away from her parents’ place to pursue her higher studies. She is studious and dedicated to her work. To help bridge the gap between her financial needs and her pocket money, she does a part-time job at an eatery. She stretches a lot to accommodate her busy academic schedule and her hectic part-time job.

As you can expect, this eats into her personal space. She has little time to fend for herself. She has no time to eat food, let alone cooking for herself. Skipping meals, cutting down her sleeping time, maintaining irregular timings to eat and sleep – all these have made her very weak. She’s in her early twenties, but she feels as if she’s double her age.

Kavya doesn’t realize that her routine demands a surplus of nutrient intake. I can go to the extent of saying that she needs as much food and sleep as a pregnant. Do you know that her part-time job involves running on her toes for 6-7 hours? And that happens thrice a week!

Kavya’s roommate, Navya, has time to buy expensive clothes and accessories, and pamper herself at the beauty clinic, but no time to cater to the basic needs of her body.

Okay, now tell me, dear readers, how many Kavyas and Navyas are there among you? Remember that how you treat your body in your teens and twenties pays off in your forties.

My next article would be about a few principles regarding maintaining your health. Meanwhile, if you have any points, please drop a comment.


  1. How did I miss this post?? nice one...I wish I like to be Navya bcoz I have lotsa free time..But again I am lazy to treat myself and get healthy looking...I dunno wen will I get motivation to change!

    1. Thanks, Maddy. I think you would naturally look after yourself once you plan for a baby. But women who are healthy even before they conceive have an easy pregnancy without any complications. Is that motivation enough for you to begin?