Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Funny Incident

Writing Prompt: "A funny thing happened on my way to..."

A funny thing happened on my way home while returning from office. I was riding my bike when I noticed a guy on another bike honking at me. I ignored him, but then he overtook me, and honked at me again. I wondered what could have gone wrong with him. Was it eve- teasing? Or was he just trying to compete with me? I happened to overtake him the next time, and then I noticed that he was waving his hand towards me. He later overtook me, and that was when I was really annoyed. 

I looked at him with an angry face, and said “what?” in a loud voice. That was when I noticed that he was a friend and colleague. So, all the time he had been trying to greet me. Poor thing! How stupid was I that I did not even get a hint. With the helmet and the goggles covering the majority of his face, I couldn't recognize him from a distance.

Both of us stopped and we had a hearty laugh. He said, “Oh my God! When you said “what”, I froze. I thought I had mistaken your identity. Everybody here had been noticing the way I was trying to reach you. I wondered if all of them would hit me now. Phew!”

And we laughed some more.

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