Monday, February 3, 2014

The Easiest Decision I Have Taken In My Life

I am going to write about two easiest decisions that I have taken in my life:

  1. To join BITS - Pilani. I was on cloud 9 when I grabbed a seat in the reputed institute. I couldn't wait till the actual day came, where I headed to the good old campus. The four years I spent in BITS are the best years of my life so far.
  2. One day, a small chick breaks out of her egg shell, and comes out into this beautiful world. She looks around to find her Mom, but is not sure how her Mom looks like. So, she goes about asking each and every living and non-living thing that she encounters whether any of them is her Mom. She asks the cow, the car, the tree, the sun, the dog.... Finally, her Mom happens to come back home, and sees her little one asking around. The chic now sees the Hen, comes to her, and says, "You are my Mom." So, the moral of the story goes this way: When it comes to choosing the best suited person, it becomes so obvious. That's how obvious it was for me to choose my life partner. The moment I interacted with him, I knew I got hold of the correct guy. In case you are wondering, it was definitely not love at first sight.


  1. Since Maddy has trouble posting comments on my blog, I have posted it for her. This is what she says: "i also thought abt the easy decisions taken in my life and coincidentally i can also say the same things :) " Yo! yo! Maddy.

  2. Wish i feel the same way(your 2nd decision) when it's time for me!!