Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Blurb Of My Life

Friends, today's prompt is to imagine that my life is captured in a book, and write the blurb of the book in 100 words. A blurb is the content that you see on the back cover of a book that describes what the book is about. So, have a look at my life:

Swathi is a happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, bubbly young girl. Life in a reputed institute far from home is a Heaven on earth. Little does she know how cruel life can be once she is out of college. At 22, she gets married to a nice young man, when she doesn’t even know what to expect from a marriage. Amidst the tantrums thrown by her in-laws, she tries to gain her individuality. The book narrates how Swathi, who becomes a mother of two by 26, prevents herself from losing self-confidence, finds joy in the little things around her, and reinvents herself, with her husband being her biggest support.


  1. Maddy says, "i loved this piece of writing....u hv given such a beautiful snippet of ur life..i mean its supposed to be blurb right.. :)" Thank you, Maddy.

  2. u should come up with a book then, which our generation will correlate...esp. how the priorities in a girl's life wrt career and family change...and the way it survives!