Friday, February 7, 2014

The Flying Car

Writing prompt: Invent a hot or sensational news, and write a story about it. Here it goes:

CrazyCarz Launches The World's First Ever Flying Car

Bangalore, 7th Feb: The world's leading automobile manufacturer, CrazyCarz, launches the world's first ever flying car, Flying Saucer, in the Auto Expo held in Bangalore yesterday. In a press meet held by the Company, the CEO, Mr. Rao, and the COO, Mr. Raju, told the reporters that this would shake the world. "It took a team of 200 employees, technicians, and workers to manufacture the first lot in a year that followed the 5 years of R&D. We have been getting plenty of orders from India and all over the world. 1 lakh cars have already been booked, and we have started manufacturing the second batch to match the demand", says Mr.Rao.

Name of the car: Flying Saucer
Price: Starting 5 crores
Maximum Power: 1000 Hp
Top Speed: 500 kmph

For more details, visit the Company's website.


  1. Hey...Is this invention ur idea?? Awesome girl...

    1. Maddy, this is a fantasy from the Harry Potter series.